Andrew Dorn was second in command to The General in the Liberation Militia. He was actually a traitor, working for Kamal Hadley. Andrew was giving information on the Liberation Mitilia to Kamal for a long time before he became the General's second in command.

Kidnapping Edit

After Callum McGregor and his cell, along with Jude McGregor, successfully kidnapped Persephone Hadley, he came to inspect the prisoner, she recognised him as she had seen him plotting with her father years ago. He told the cell to kill Sephy, and make sure she never left the room as she had recognised him.

When they went to do the calls part of the mission, apart from Callum, Andrew tipped off the police as to where the cell were going to be. As a result, Pete was killed and Lelia captured. Jude and Morgan Green made it back. After this Jude reserved a special hate for him and strived to prove to the general that Andrew was a traitor.

Death Edit

After Jude murdered Cara Imega, Jude said on TV that it was Andrew Dorn, and he worked for the goverment and Kamal Hadley. Before this the Liberation Mitilia were unaware that Andrew worked for Kamal Hadley, therefore they killed him. Andrew was found on Thursday the 9th of September with a bullet in the back of his head. Ironicly he died on Turncoat Street which was probably not an accident considering that he betrayed the L.M. This was said to be a classic execution by the Liberation Mitilia. It was either The General who did this, out of fury that his second-in-command was a traitor, or someone who had been ordered to do so by The General. It is in an article in The Daily Shouter written by Minerva Hadley.


Andrew Dorn was described as tall with blonde hair that he tied back in a ponytail. He wore brown boots with silver chains just above the heel. As a nought he had pale skin.

Appearances Edit

Noughts and Crosses

Knife Edge - Mentioned only