Cara Imega was a cross who owned a chain of hairdressing salons called Delany's. She appeared during Knife Edge when Jude McGregor used her to get money then murdered her.

Cara met Jude in The Golden Eye where he introduced himself as Steve. Two policemen were going around the bar showing people pictures and Jude thought that they were of him. To stop the policemen from noticing him he kissed Cara although he found this disgusting because she was a cross. Jude planned to get money from Cara and he reluctantly began going out with her. At first Jude despised her and hated going out with her but later on he began to fall in love with her, despite his intentions. Meanwhile, Cara was deeply in love with Jude and would do anything for him.

One night while Cara and Jude were together Cara offered Jude some money to help him out financially. She then looked at him with love and Jude realised that he had fallen in love with her. Jude couldn't stand being in love with a cross so he violently beat her up and left her for dead, taking all of her cheques and bank books with him. When he left Cara's flat Jude found that he was crying.

Cara was found by her colleagues on Sunday 18th July after she didn't turn up for work. She was then taken to hospital where she was put into intensive care. The doctors said that it was a wonder that she was still alive. However, not long after, Cara died in hospital.

Jude was accused of killing Cara but he was declared innocent with the help of an alibi set up by Persephone Hadley. Instead, Jude accused Andrew Dorn and named him as a traitor to the L.M. Andrew was killed soon after.

In Jude's final moments, his last thoughts were of Cara.