Celine Labinjah was the daughter to Jack Labinjah who was the prison guard with Callum McGregor before his death. Jack told Celine that Callum had told him to deliver a letter to Persephone Hadley, and that he had found out the letter Callum had given him wasn't the real one. Callum had thrown the real letter in the bin and wrote a hated cruel second one. Jack did deliver this second letter to Sephy when Callie Rose, Sephy's daugther, was only a baby, but he told Celine before his death that he had kept the real one, and he wouldn't rest in peace until Sephy got it. When Callie was fifteen, Celine deliverd the real letter to Sephy. At first Sephy didn't take it, but Celine made it clear that the first letter from Callum was the real one. The letter helped Sephy get over Callum and realise that he didn't hate her. Also, the letter was important in convincing Callie Rose that her father wasn't as bad as she thought he was.