The Dundale Shopping Centre bombing was an event in Noughts and Crosses. The dundale shopping centre was a large mall in medowview which was visited by a lot of people. The bombing was done by the Liberation Militia,a group of Noughts fighting for freedom. Ryan and Jude McGregor were responsible for planting the bomb in a bin inside the shopping centre. Jude, only a teenager at the time, had been told that a warning would be given long before the bomb went off and that it was just something to get peoples attention. This was a lie, the warning was given only a couple of minutes before the bomb was due to go off and 7 people died in the blast. What was never told was at this time of the bombing, Ryan was getting off with Jude, his son. This was shown in the accurate scene in the play. This is why Callum though his dad was innocent

It seemed that the bombers would get away with it. However, some of the bombs casing was found by the police and fingerprints were found on it. They matched the ones that Jude had put into the Mercy Community Hospital database when Meggie damaged her hand. The whole McGregor family were arrested except from Jude who escaped to join the L.M. full time. Ryan earned a life sentence and died while trying to escape prison. Persephone Hadley was saved by Callum McGregor who had found out what was going to happen. He pulled her away just in time and Persephone told a passing stranger that Callum wanted to show her something.