Harry was a chauffeur who worked for the Hadley family. In this role, one of his duties was to drive Sephy to school. He and Sephy got on well, though she was embarrassed by his presence and often asked him to drop her off before they arrived so that her friends would not tease her about having a chauffeur. Harry agreed to this arrangement, though reluctantly as he was afraid for his job if Sephy's mother found out.

After Sephy was caught up in the protests after four Noughts joined Heathcroft High School, Jasmine sacked Harry for letting Sephy out before they got to school. Harry was quickly replaced by a new chauffeur, Karl. A few months later, Harry and Sephy crossed paths one final time at Lynette McGregor's funeral. Harry explained to Sephy why he had been sacked (as she had onl