Jaxon Robbins was a nought who played the guitar very well. He was a member of The Midges. Jaxon had 4 sisters, one of them was Roxie who Persephone Hadley met in hospital. His nephew was Sam. When he was first introduced to Sephy, Jaxon used nought words to describe his nephew that Sephy didn't understand. When she asked what he meant Jaxon very rude to her because she was a cross. He said that crosses felt threatened by nought words and that they tried to control the way noughts spoke. Roxie told him who Sephy was and Jaxon appologised saying that he didn't know Sephy was "one of us".

Sephy asked Jaxon about his guitar and asked him to play Rainbow Child. He did and Sephy joined in, so did everyone else in the ward. Nurse Solomon who was in charge of the ward screamed at them to stop and they did. She made a grab for Jaxons guitar and he was very rude to her, calling her a "dagger bitch".

Jaxon asked Sephy to join his band as the lead singer. Sephy refused but later she decided to join. Sephy named the band and they played several gigs together. However, Jaxon asket her to leave because her publicity was not good. It is unknown what Jaxon did after this.


Jaxon was hot headed and could often be very rude, especially to crosses who he seemed to dislike. He valued the band very highly and would get rid of people without hesitation if he thought there was someone better to do the job and he got rid of Sephy because she was affecting the groups reputation.


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