Lucas Cheshie was a Cross pupil at Heathcroft High. He was at first an enemy of Callie Rose McGregor-Hadley, but soon developed a friendship with her and eventually a relationship, but it didn't last long. He was first mentioned in Checkmate, when his younger sister Ella Cheshie went for a playdate at Callie's house, and made sure that she heard that his dad said that he 'didn't want Ella playing with some dirty halfer'. Callie was bemused by this, and took it into no account, but her mother Persephone Hadley did. After this, they often greeted each other in the Dundale Shopping Center, and as Callie soon joined Heathcroft High, he stayed around her more often, unaware until Bliss Lwammi's 14th birthday party that a boy named Amyas was in her interest. They then started to go out with each other after this, but broke up just before Callie Rose's 16th birthday, and then she developed a love interest in Tobias Durbridge in Double Cross