Lucus Cheshie was in the year above Callie Rose in both primary school and secondry school. His sister was Ella Cheshie who was the same age as Callie Rose. His mother was Nichelle Cheshie and his father was Mr.Cheshie.

Early YearsEdit

When he was 10 Lucus tried to kick Callie Rose, she retaliated by punching in the face and gave him a nosebleed which she go into a lot of trouble for. At around this time Callie became best friends with Ella, Lucus's sister. When Ella came round Callie's house for the first time, when they were both 9 Lucus came along with his mum and wanted to play with the girls. They weren't very nice to him and didn't want him there. When Ella and Lucus were about to leave Lucus asked what was wrong with Callie Rose and repeated what his father had said about her. After this the Cheshie family left quickly. After this Ella began to be unkind to Callie Rose although Lucus became nicer and nicer to her.

On Callie's first day of secondary school Ella ripped up her map. The day after, Lucus gave her his and helped her get around school although his friends didn't seem to aprove.



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