Minerva Hadley (nicknamed 'Minnie' by her sister Sephy) is the brattish but good-hearted daughter of Kamal and Jasmine Hadley .

In 'Noughts and Crosses ' she is the only member of the Hadley family to support Sephy in her desire to attend Chivers boarding school: though she is often having arguments with her younger sister.

When Sephy falls pregnant by Callum McGregor, Minnie is the one who tells their parents about the pregnancy(despite promising Sephy not to tell) - this infuriates her sister.

In 'An Eye for an Eye' Minnie is visiting Sephy in her flat when Jude McGregor, (the uncle of Sepy's child) breaks in planning to kill Sephy on Callum's birthday. Minnie is terrified and gets shot in the arm by Jude for irritating him. Sephy calls for an ambulance and Minerva survives.

In 'Knife Edge ' Minnie becomes a journalist and writes an article for The Daily Shouter newspaper about the death of Andrew Dorn. She also pesters Meggie McGregor and Sephy Hadley for an interview about Jude McGregor.

In 'Checkmate ' she marries a man named Zuri and gives birth to Taj. She is expecting another child by the end of the novel.