Morgan Green was a member of the Liberation Militia. He later became Second-in-Command to Jude McGregor. Morgan was a year older than Callum McGregor.


Morgan Green was part of the plan to kidnapp Sephy Hadley. He was part of the stiletto cell that included Callum, Pete and Lelia. He, along with Jude, were the only ones to escape after Andrew Dorn  stiletto to the police, this was only because Jude and Morgan changed locations at the last minute.

On the RunEdit

After Andrew Dorn's betrayal Morgan was wanted by the police. He and Jude were on the run, hiding in hotels and safe-houses. In one hotel the pair were ambushed by the police. Morgan had arranged for the cross Dylan Hoyle to stay in the hotel. He gave them disguises and left the hotel with them, pretending that they were noughts working for him. Morgan had arranged a simular back up plan in every hotel that they stayed at. This was a job that he was given by Jude. After this the pair split, phoning each other once a month. In this time Morgan asked Jude if he had killed Cara Imega as he had been accused of it and was now wanted, he said he wouldn't put it past him and thought that Jude did it despite the fact that he said that he didn't. White Morgan and Jude were apart Morgan began to date Gina, Judes girlfriend. Jude was angry about this even though he never really cared about Gina.

After Jude was cleared of charges of murdering Cara, thanks to Sephy's intervention, and after Andrew Dorn was dead Morgan and Jude presumably reunited. When Jude became the general of the Liberation Militia, he chose Morgan as his second-in-command.


Morgan was very good with computers and considered an expert on them in his cell. He was also a very good driver, one of the best in the L.M. Morgan could come up with good plans and was good at organising escape routes. As a member of the L.M. it is presumed that he had at least a basic knowledge of wepons and that he was able to use them effectively. As he became second-in-command he most likley had a lot more than that.


Noughts and Crosses

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