Nathaniel "Nathan" Ealing was the manager of Specimens, the restaurant Persephone Hadley worked at. He later married Sephy.

Jordy CarsonEdit

Nathan had and encounter with Jordy Carson in Checkmate, a man that had been in the bad books of the police for a long time. Demanding rent, Jordy abused Nathan severly injuring him and saying he would pay him another visit. After consulting the police, Nathan arranged for a mic to be stowed under his cap to record Jordy so the police could convict him. Sephy was nervous and Nathan asked for a kiss for good luck before the visit from Jordy, this became a full on kiss and Sephy and Nathan realised their chemistry and started dating.


Nathan started dating Sephy in Checkmate, during this time she was having a lot of trouble with her and Callie's relationship. Nathan stayed very patient acting as a great shoulder for Sephy to lean on. After some time dating Nathan realised that he wanted to take it a step forward and marry Sephy possibly helping her and her daughter move on. Sephy is shocked and requests time to think about it. Being the patient person he is Nathan agreed and left peacefully, to make matters worse Sonny turns up still in love with Sephy however, Sephy realised that they were not meant to be and Sonny brought too many bad memories back. After considering it Sephy agreed to marry Nathan knowing her mother would be thrilled and she needed to move on.