Pete was a member of the Liberation Militia in control of his cell, nicknamed stiletto, which also included Callum McGregor, Morgan Green and Leila. He was suprised to find Jude McGregor, Callum's brother, coming to inspect them and give them a mission, a misson to kidnap Persephone Hadley. They completed the mission and Sephy was secured. Andrew Dorn, second in command to The General and a traitor working for Kamal Hadley, came to inspect and told them to kill her with no questions asked. The cell, apart from Callum, went to send the next set of instructions to Kamal Hadley and to pick up the money, however, Dorn tipped off the police and Pete was shot dead by police officers. Leila was also captured and Callum was hung not long after.


Pete killed himself with a knife, he always had at least four of them on this person and he was considered very dangerous. Pete had probably gone through some L.M. training so was probably capable of handling other wepons too and he was physically fit.


Noughts and Crosses