Rebecca birthday party

Rebecca Dowd, a beautiful black girl, is the youngest daughter of Vanessa Dowd and Mr Dowd. Her older brothers are Gideon and Owen Dowd. Rebecca didn't agree with her familiy's way of life and stayed away from the criminal side of their opperations. She was very lonley for most of her life because people only cared about her last name, not about who she was inside. Her brothers gangs are known as the "Dowd's", who have a strong rivalry with McAuleys gang.

Double CrossEdit

Rebecca met Tobey during her 18th birthday at TFTM. Later in the book, they begin to date, but soon after, Tobey admits he doesn't love her in the way she loves him. They agree to be friends and Rebecca leaves their meeting place only to be stabbed in the back and killed by Alex McAuley.


Rebecca met Tobey during her 18th Birthday Party when he was working at TFTM. They began dating while Callie Rose was in a coma. Rebecca was hurt when she discovered that Tobey was working for McAuley but forgave him and they decided to just be friends.


Leaving a coffee shop where she and Tobey had broken up, Rebecca is stalked by Alex McAuley, who stabs her in the back. Her bodyguard, appointed by her brother, Gideon, tried to resuscitate her but she was already dead.

Looks Edit

Quite small, luscious long dark hair in braids. gorgeous dark skin and a very attractive face


Double Cross