Ryan Callum McGregor was the husband of Meggie McGregor, father to Lynette, Jude and Callum, and grandfather to Callie Rose Hadley (although Ryan died before Callie Rose was born).

The Dundale Shopping Center bombingEdit

Ryan and Jude joined the Liberation Militia after Lynette died. They were two of those responsible for Dundale Centre bombing. Jude's fingerprint's were found on the bomb casing. Ryan was arrested and confessed to protect Jude, the police had told him that they had Jude and that he would be hanged if no one elso took the blame. This was a lie, Jude escaped capture. Ryan was charged with seven counts of murder (as seven had died in the bombing).

Ryan couldn't afford a Solicitor, the McGregor's had had very little money since Meggie lost her job . Fortunately a generous, but anonymous, donation came through from Jasmine Hadley, the mother of his son's love, Sephy Hadley. With the money they hired Kelani Adams, a very famous and successful cross lawyer, and she acted as defense for the McGregor's.

Later in the trial Callum was under suspicion as video footage had seen Callum dragging Sephy away. Sephy testified, saying that Callum said he wanted to show her something, which he did say. Kelani got a former Cross policeman to tesitify that he had seen Callum take Sephy to see something, and Callum was cleared. However, the judge had already made up his mind about Ryan because he was a nought. It didn't matter what the witnesses or jury said the judge was always going to declare him guillty because he was a Nought.which is unfair

Imprisonment and deathEdit

Ryan was imprisoned in Hewmett Prison and sentenced to hang. However, just as he was about to be executed, it was announced that he was given a last minute reprieve and would instead spend the rest of his life in jail. Kelani Adams offered to continue representing him, but Ryan refused her help. Shortly after, Ryan died when he electrocuted himself on the prison fence supposedly while trying to escape, however it is more likely it was a suicide attempt.