Sarah Pike is a nought employed by Jasmine Hadley. She first appears in the prolouge of Noughts and Crosses where she reluctently telephones Meggie McGregor to tell her that she has been fired.

She is seen again when she stops Callum from visiting Sephy after she is beaten up by three girls in school,however she only stops him from going because of the orders that Callum should not be invited into the Hadley house by Jasmine,her boss.

She later helps Callum McGregor avoid being spotted by Jasmine when he visits Sephy in her room, Sarah kicks Callum's trainers under Sephy's bed and tells her to "get Callum dressed and out of here" indicating she knows about Sephy and Callum's relationship.

When Jasmine Hadley died she left her black WMW to Sarah saying that she knew how much Sarah admired it. She also left a substantial amount of money.

It has been implied that Sephy gets on quite well with her as a child, as she mentions that Sarah 'has good taste' in choosing her birthday and Crossmas presents (as Sarah chooses presents from her parents). Callum also seems to hold her in quite high esteem, as he tells Sephy to ask Sarah, and not Jasmine, the truth about him waiting outside the house for Sephy after she was beaten up.


Noughts and Crosses

Double Cross