Tobias Sebastian "Tobey" Durbridge is one of Callie Rose's best friends. He makes his first appearance in Checkmate, known to Callie and her mum as a trouble maker, using stories to get Callie into trouble. In Checkmate, Tobey reveals to Callie that her father was a nought terrorist, spurring an internal crisis within Callie and resulting in Callie refusing to talk to him for a long time after that. At the end of the book Callie has to make the choice between Tobey and Lucas. We find out at the the beginning of the next book that she choses Tobey.

In Double Cross Tobey becomes a much more central character, with a large part of the book written from his point of view. In this book, Tobey makes some life changing decisions regarding Meadowview's two rival gangs, McAuley and the Dowds, in a desperate yet calculated attempt to get revenge after Callie-Rose's accidental shooting at 'The Wasteland': Meadowview's local park.



Double Cross